With Deep Gratitude

This endeavor could not have been possible without every person who brought their love, desperation to help and steadfast devotion every single day.

Some came whenever they could — some only a few times, while others made this their new full-time job.

From one of the most horrific experiences on this earth came our connection. We came together to help in whatever way we could. We share a bond that has helped heal us all. We became helpers and messengers. We received love and passed it on. This most simple human act is what this project has always been about. And it is what will always be at the center of making a better world.

To each and every person who touched these letters and contributed to making this website possible...



There would be no website without the wonderful team at Xerox who loaned us scanners, set up our DropBox, managed all these documents and built this website. I am indebted to you all.


A special thank you to Milton for permission to use his song “Sometimes” from his album, Milton.


Newtown Documentation Project:

Adam Durand
Agnieszka Chapska
Alan Chaniewski
Alan Prout
Alessandra Cozzi
Alexandria Stocks
Amy Dewald
Andrea Wise
Andrea Zimmerman
Anne Scarpa
Anneliese Juergensen
April Furey
Audrey Leroux
Barbara Campbell
Barbara Richardson
Cara Manes
Carol Resnikoff
Carole Ross
Carolyn McCoy
Catherine Finlay Samose
Cathy Swanson
Cheryle Sayles
Chion Wolf
Chloe Poisson
Chris Sheridan
Christa Carone
Christina Mainiero
Christina Paoletta
Christine DeNering
Coleen Duggan
Connie Roberts
Constance Robert
Dale Bernardoni
Dale Mello
Dave Ferraro
Dave Roback
David Butler
Denise Kopasz
Denise Kopasz
Denise Scharf
Don Treegar
Ed Gala
Eleanor Roche
Elizabeth Resnikoff
Ellen LeMoult
Ellen Vincent
Ellen Voelkl
Erin Connolly
Evelyn Hofziger

Frank Morgati
Fred Hurley
Gene Gaudiosi
Geralene Valentine
Gia Moreno
Gillian Eckwall
Ginny Smith
Grant Ossendryver
Hayne Bayless
Holly Spina
Jackie Kelly
Jackie Meriano
Jackie Meriano
Jane Holmes
Janet Fisher
Janis Gibson
Jason Rearick
Jeff & Sandy Eberts
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Wastrom
Jessica Hill
Jessyca Tucker
Jinx Rooney
Joan Petersen
John Heney
Josephine Bucci
Joyce Milne
Karen Sackowitz
Karin Stroh
Kate Mayer
Kathleen Cioffi
Kathleen Cole
Kathy Ballwig Holick
Keelin Daly
Ken Loerzel
Kim Haulson
Kris Heyel
Larry Birett
Laura Gibney
Laura Lynch
Laura Taets
Laurei Badick
Lena Resnikoff
Lily Moreno-Sheridan
Linda Piliero
Lindy Lintz
Lizzie Duggan
Luann Sullivan

Lucille Thomas
Madelyn Mainiero
Mara Lavitt
Marie Seymour
Martha Manion
Mary Beth Nelsen
Mary Consoli
Mary MacNamara
Matt Husvar
Maureen Dugan
Melissa Brottman
Michael Gordon
Michael Luzzi
Michael Trevail
Michelle McLoughlin
Nancy Roznicki
Nicole Friedrich
Pat Llodra
Patty Butler
Paul Berger
Paula Picton
Pete Daccolti
Peter Lubinsky and Boy Scout Troop 270
Peter Piliero
Randy Eckwall
Robin Fitzgerald
Rose Witte
Ross Fredell
Sally Ross
Sara DeMuzio
Sarah Zimmermann
Shona Curtis
Stephanie Badick
Steve Marlin
Sue Goff
Suzanne Davenport
Terry Ferris
Terry Ritchie
Terry Seitz
Tery Stoller
Theresa Piliero
Tim Dodd
Tina Pepe
Vicky Linden
Victor Ellul
Vincent Riccio

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